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Retrospective of Alumni Work

Centennial Celebration Alumni Exhibition | Call for Entries

General Information

An exhibition of alumni work is planned for the Department’s centennial celebration October 24–25. The display is envisioned as an opportunity to showcase the built and unbuilt design and planning work of our graduates. Projects submitted should be primarily designed or directed by an alumnus of the University of Illinois. Each alumnus may submit up to three projects.

The exhibition will take two forms. Due to restrictions on space in the Temple Buell Architecture Gallery, a limited number of boards submitted will be selected by faculty for display, with the intent of illustrating a breadth of project types and the geographic diversity of our alumni. All work received will be displayed in streaming digital format at appropriate times during the centennial celebration.

Submittals will not be returned, and by sending projects, you agree that the University of Illinois Department of Landscape Architecture may use the work for educational and recruitment purposes in the future.

Submission Requirements

Entries shall be presented on a 22” x 22” x ½” black or white Gatorfoam board with taped edges (no frames). Boards shall be composed of images and narrative adequate to describe the project, which shall be dry-mounted to the boards. Please use font sizes of 12 point or larger for all text. If needed, one project can span two boards, each still at the 22” x 22” size.

In addition to including a brief project narrative on the boards, please also indicate:

  • Name and graduation year of the alumnus who is the author or co-author of the project.
  • Firm name
  • Project team listing (is encouraged)
  • Name of project and location
  • Name of client
  • Status (date built, in-progress, not built …)

All participants must provide the Department with TIFF or PDF or files on a CD or DVD. Image quality shall be no less that 200 DPI at full print size. Please also attach an entry form for each project (see next page).

Please complete this form (PDF) and attach to each of your submissions.

Please Send Your Submission to:
Assistant Professor Gale Fulton
Department of Landscape Architecture
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
101 Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
611 Taft Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

Direct questions to:

Due Date: Boards and CD/DVD must be received by September 15, 2008, by 5 PM.

Liability Clause

The University of Illinois Department of Landscape Architecture assumes no liability for original drawings and other materials or loss or damage to any part of a submission. The Department retains the right to reproduce any of the submission materials in its publications, educational programs, and Web site, with acknowledgment.